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Fallen London is the name of a social, turn-based browser game produced by Failbetter Games Ltd. using their StoryNexus platform. It was originally called Echo Bazaar. We use both names on this wiki.

The Wiki

The goal of this wiki is to organize the world of Fallen London; provide guides and hints; catalog the results of the choices you make. You won't find big dumps of all the in-game text here — if you want that, you might as well just play the game! — but most all storylets and items are summarized here.

For an overview of the game, see Getting Started. If you're looking for information on a specific topic, the Wiki Guide might help, or else browse through the menus at the top of the page.


A wiki is a public collaboration project — it relies on contributions from YOU to keep it up to date! Any information you can add is appreciated. If you're new to the site, check out How To Edit Pages for a starting point. Even if you're an experienced editor you'll also want to read Failbetter's rules for wiki editing.

Current wiki editing projects:

  • We are behind in much of the new content available. If you see a glaring omission (and it's not part of the wiki-restricted content, feel free to add it (or start a guide)!

If you have gameplay questions not covered here, you can try the Failbetter Community Forum or Echo Bazaar Wiki Forum.

Useful Sites

Press - reviews and such

Cool Swag for sale!

  • The official Echo Bazaar merchandise store has opened once more. You may find it here.
  • In addition: Delicious Wallpaper

A note on spoilers

This is a wiki meant purely for informative purposes. As such, where there may be spoilers to certain plot threads or methods of obtaining certain items or qualities. It is possible, even likely, that we will NOT provide any warning. Consider this your spoiler warning. Nevertheless, we have taken the position that it is better to spoiler info when it is feasible to do so and when info may significantly detract from your enjoyment of the game. Spoilers usually look something like:


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